ADHD Assessment

ADHD Assessment Specialists in Walnut Creek, CA

Empowering you with knowledge and tools for effective ADHD management.

We specialize in comprehensive ADHD assessments that go beyond diagnosis. Our assessments give you the ability to transform your life through an in-depth understanding of your strengths and differences. With personalized interventions and accommodations, you will have a clear path to success.

Why ADHD Diagnosis Matters

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects both children and adults. When undiagnosed, it can have a profound impact on focus, behavior, and emotions, disrupting daily life and relationships. At Brain Insights, we believe understanding the root cause is the first step toward effective management. An ADHD evaluation and diagnosis is just the beginning in your journey toward success.

Our Approach to ADHD Evaluation

Led by licensed psychologists, our ADHD testing covers an individual’s history, interviews with their support team, and standardized assessments.

Results not only diagnose but also shape the course of effective management strategies such as medication management, organization, social skills development, and therapy.

Your Journey, Our Support

We recognize that seeking an ADHD assessment is daunting. However, our commitment goes beyond just evaluations. We create a warm, judgment-free space where you can feel heard, understood, and supported. You are not on this journey alone. We’re here to walk alongside you on the path to improved mental health and well-being.

Other Diagnoses We Assess:

What Makes Us Different?

Comprehensive testing
Holistic and thorough evaluation so you can be confident in the results and treatment plan.

Modern convenience
Online patient portal to streamline communication and payments and receive results sooner.

Fast turnaround times
Find solutions, get recommendations, and connect with support quickly.

Transparent pricing
Receive a good faith estimate for an evaluation without ever having to pick up a phone.

Dr. Mickell Lethco

ADHD Specialist

Dr. Mickell Lethco is a clinical psychologist with a specialization in executive functioning disorders like ADHD. She is passionate about accurate ADHD diagnosis, and has seen the profound benefits of differentiating ADHD from other similar disorders. “Just as a medical doctor does not treat every patient with penicillin, the approach to treatment for ADHD and anxiety or ADHD and autism are very different.” In addition to her work teaching teens and adults executive functioning skills in individual and group therapy, Dr. Lethco loves to work with individuals with ADHD complicated by mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.