Develop key skills with our Executive Functioning, Social-Emotional Learning, and Social Skills Groups.

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Groups provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to acquire new skills, practice those skills among peers, and receive immediate feedback from skilled professionals. Group settings allow you to connect with others facing similar challenges, exchange ideas, gain fresh insights, and collectively overcome obstacles with peer support.

Executive Functioning Groups

$2,400 - includes 10 sessions and 1 hour feedback

Difficulties managing your time, organizing your work or personal space, focusing on the task at hand, or regulating your emotions? Check out our Executive Functioning Group! You will have the opportunity to learn to develop strategies to manage your executive functioning challenges to be able to reach your goals.

designed to help you:

Don't let executive functioning challenges hold you back from achieving your full potential.

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Social Skills Groups

Are you concerned that your child is finding it difficult to make friends, engage in conversation, or pick up on social cues? Join our Social Skills Group!

This evidence-based program is tailored for teens who find it challenging to navigate social situations. Our group is led by a PEERS-certified psychologist and provides a nurturing and supportive environment for teens to learn and practice social skills through interactive activities, positive feedback, and engaging discussions alongside their peers. We teach lifelong social skills so teens are able to foster meaningful relationships in school and beyond.

Skills Teens Will Learn:

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